The Iphis Project

My B.A thesis project exploring Costumes and Gender, in the context of Ovid’s myth of Iphis. For my installation I retold the myth of Iphis with photographs, text from Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Ali Smith’s Boy Meets Girl. With quotes from ‘Female Masculinity’ (by Judith Halberstam), ‘Gender Trouble’ (Judith Butler) and the Routledge Reader for Gender and Performance. I designed and built the costumes that the actresses are wearing in this photo collection.

Full video is viewable here –

Sound Design by Harrison Adams

I wrote an accompanying 50-page thesis paper exploring the relationship between costume and gender performance, with an emphasis on female actresses performing masculinity (Fiona Shaw, Split Britches).

Inspired by the writings of: Jeanette Winterson, Sinclair Sexsmith, Ali Smith, Judith Halberstam, Simone De Beauvoir, Shakespeare, Ovid.

  • For Installation Design

visual research

visual research